Building Sounds for S4P

Building Sounds for S4P
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domenica 8 luglio 2012

La scuola è al completo

Questo è il nuovo messaggio da Isagarh:
hi how r u. hope u all are keeping fine. Here we all are keeping fine. our admission to school is over. because we do not have the class rooms. everything is filled. now also so many admissions are coming, but because of the lack of class room we are not taking students. all people want to get admissions in our school. this is because of by the grace of God and you people.but what do. we do not have the place. for next year if we want to take students we need to build the new class rooms.  we have pressure to build class rooms from the local people. but we do not have the facility to build soon. so please pray for us.
yours in Jesus'
Fr. Joobesh Mannakulathil