Building Sounds for S4P

Building Sounds for S4P
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mercoledì 26 marzo 2008

Ricevo ed inoltro con un bel po' di emozione una mail e alcune foto.
Ve la lascio come è arrivata.
Perchè è bella così...
"Here the construction of Isagarh school is progressing.  I, together
with the Vicar General and Engineer had made a visit to Isagarh.  The
construction of the school (5 class rooms and bathrooms) will be over by
this May.  We will be shifting the school to the new site in the month
of July 2008.  We have also started the Convent Building works.  We hope
to complete it by June 2008..  Just after the completion of the
convent we will also start the work of a Priest House.   Fr. Joseph
Chirayath, who is the in-charge of Isagarh is very interested in the works.  I
am sending some Photographs of the works.   Please see the attachment
for the Photos.  If you need further information please contact me.
Thanking you very sincerely, and  Praying for your good health"

Fr. Shaju Devassy
Ci sono delle date importanti e molto vicine.
Sicuramente ci sarà ancora da aiutare.
Per fortuna!
Ecco un po' di foto!

Ho lasciato il link a Fr. Shaju... se volete lasciare dei commenti in inglese per loro sarebbe fico!

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